I attend CSUF and today there was an interesting event that occurred. Every now and then a person will come to our campus and preach about god in the quad. You know those guys who stand there with their big signs and yell at people about how we are all sinners and going to hell, because apparently that is “the will of the lord”. Well today it was worse. 
There were many this time. They were holding giant signs with hateful words on them and were attacking and “preaching” to everyone in sight. I could not believe that this was happening on my campus. Yes of course there is the whole freedom of religion and freedom of speech thing we have going but these people were literally disturbing the peace and should have been escorted off the property immediately. I could not believe that this kind of behavior was allowed to be shown on my campus. These people are completely delusional. Brainwashed, hateful, crazy assholes that have nothing better to do. That is not what faith is. That is not spreading the word of the lord. This is one of the reasons I struggle with religious beliefs and usually just don’t care much for it at all. I was however delighted to see so many people on my campus speaking against them. So many people were pissed and were fighting back. They were not going to be silenced by these bigots. I just wanted to share some of these responses with you guys. I will keep them anonymous just in case they don’t feel comfortable but I want their words to be heard. I was absolutely disgusted with the behaviors that these people showed today but I was inspired by the people who stood their ground and had the courage to show them that they are wrong. 

There is an old man preaching ignorance on my campus and holding a sign that says, “HOMO SEX IS A SIN”. So you know what I did? I marched right up close in front of him, stood like I was ten feet tall, and shouted on the top of my lungs “ACTUALLY, HATRED IS A SIN!!!!”“-Anonymous student

So everyone is upset over this old man preaching hatred on campus. Don’t worry guys, we won, because he has upset more people than he has ‘converted’ people to God. Only God can judge and Brother Jen has verbally abused and offended many students today, including me. That’s not love! That is what God was trying to PREVENT when he sent Jesus to the cross to die for our sins. Be happy with who you are and believe in what you believe in. As long as you have love, you have everything. God is a symbol of love, not judgement, which is what Brother Jen and his staff were making Him out to be. ♥ Life is GOOD.” -Anonymous student

I do not attempt to politicize on Facebook to often, but today was a unique experience. I currently attend CSUF, and today on campus there happened to be “prophesizers of Jesus,” attempting to convert people to Christianity through hate and fear, standing on the high ground and shouting to students below. They were attacking women in clothes they deemed inappropriate, anybody who was of a different religion, and homosexuals. Being college students we are, soon both sides were going at it, finding flaws in each other’s arguments, some backed by reason and other religion. A “prophet” soon turned to homosexuals when he saw a group of us hand in hand with our significant other, and I me and my boyfriend had had enough. There was too much hate spewing from these prophesizers. And those who were yelling for tolerance and love were being silenced by the yells of these middle-aged people. We needed to show the campus there was love, not simply say it. So we quickly grabbed each others hands, went direct strait between the prophesizers, and made out. Honestly, I was shaking through it all. But instead of more yelling, of anything bad happening that could have imagined, we were met with claps, hollering, and cheers of love. We were even thanked by those who were not able to do it themselves. Even the prophesizers couldn’t talk over it. Love is everywhere, and love will always prevail. Even if that love is between two men. Thanks for listening~” -Anonymous student

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Posted on Wednesday, 6 March
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    ^^^you sound just like them though, saying they’re “simply disgusting”. Both sides hearts are in the right place...
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    simply disgusting that this happened at my school. i’m so ashamed of these people claiming to represent the God i...
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